Fade Iconic Denim

Timeless minimalism, redefined

Join us on our journey of crafting pieces with the allure of minimalism at their core, where less truly is more.

A new standard of dressing

Elevating your everyday with purposeful essentials designed to complement your lifestyle

Introduction #1: The Tee Collection

The Essential Tee

Every man should have access to a high-quality, basic tee that is the foundation of their wardrobe. This is that - your every day Essential tee.

The Icon Tee

Our Icon range we intended to be a symbol of understated style. With sleek and minimal detailing, the Icon tee redefines casual sophistication.

The Still Tee

The perfect curved hem tee does exist. Our Still collection blends precision fit and discreet style with sleeve-exclusive detailing.

Introduction #2: The Jeans Collection

The Core Range

Our Core Jeans blend comfort and style with versatility and and every day sleek. These jeans adapt effortlessly from casual to dressy.

The Iconic Range

Our Iconic Jeans redefine casual style with their premium knitted denim and hidden drawstrings, whether you're dressing up or going laid-back.

Your read list, from us

Essentials the Fade way

Introducing Fade: Elevating Your Denim Game with Minimalist Style and Quality Craftsmanship

Tees to elevate your style

In the realm of men's fashion, the power of a well-crafted T-shirt should never be underestimated.

This season's sneaker rotation

The story behind Fade's sneaker collection is one of passion, style and innovation.